Saturday, August 19, 2006


There is an inaccurate statement in my precious post "Life is Precious, No Matter What". I wrote that Kate was rejected as a charity patient because of her condition as a mongoloid baby.

I got my facts wrong. I learned belatedly that Kate was not actually rejected ...

She could still be a charity patient, however, Kate could not be given priority status because she is a mongoloid child. In other words, a child with a similar condition as Kate’s, but who is otherwise “normal”, will be awarded the charity slot first. Kate will have to wait until . . . . . . what? there are no other “normal” charity patients left?

How about the urgency of her need for surgery? The waiting could last for ages, so there is practically very little chance that she could be operated on under that program. And if ever she was, it might already be too late for her.

This does not change my position in any way. I still maintain that Kate deserves equal chance to life as everyone else. The suggestion that a charity slot will merely be wasted on Kate because she is not going to have a healthy and fruitful life anyway makes me sick!

Why? Only "normal" people deserve to live or to have a longer life?

If your answer is YES ... let me ask you this:

Would your position still be the same if Kate were your child?


Amy said...

There is a Psalm that I love - "Tears may last for the night but in the morning joy cometh!" Your joy is coming my friend.

Anonymous said...

Dear Amy,

You are so right! If the sun shines in our soul, it does not matter if it rains outside. Happiness within overlooks the sadness that any event may bring!

God bless,