Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Gal of that Woman!

I just came from the supermarket in Lee Plaza to pick up a few groceries. The lines were long, today being Saturday, and I only had 6 items in my basket, so I joined the queue in the express lane (maximum of 10 items only!!!! - everyone is supposed to know that!)

I was behind a Spanish mestiza who oozed wealth and privilege. She had all the trappings of affluence displayed all over her person ... and she had with her a basketful of groceries numbering 20-30 items! And she was in the express lane too!

I belatedly recognized her to be the wife of a very prominent politician in the province. I seethed with resentment, to say the least, at the gal of that woman, openly flaunting her status as one so close to power, she can make it known to all the sundry that Lee Plaza and the entire Oriental Negros, for that matter, can shove their rules up their as--s. She is too high and mighty to be ever bothered with such petty concerns as observing common courtesy in grocery stores!

That is why I am so fed up with politics, our politicians and their hangers on. They consider themselves above everything and everyone, and of course, how could I forget, the LAW.

An afterthought: considering it's election season, one would have expected these people to behave themselves, like put their best feet forward, and appear as angelic as possible?


Anonymous said...

Hi 'Ga! Thanks...Cute kaayo ang mga pictures, at nakakita pud ko ni Micolle and Kelly...Enjoy gyud kaayo ang mga bata especially Abby.

'Ga thanks for your write-up too, "the Gal of that Woman." Forgive the language but sheeeet kaayo siya. Sige pa 'Ga write about this kay I think usa pud na sa reasons why ang Philippines wala nag-uminto.

I've stayed in Japan for 9 years, and I've noticed there that nobody is exempt from the law. The higher the position of the person doing the wrong, the bigger the shame and blame they encounter from the public. As in, paulawan dyud sila ng todo todo sa media and ang punishments na ilang ma-encounter grabe gyud. Mag bow lagi sila sa ilang ulo sa kaulaw.

pau said...

grabeeeeh! this is sooo true olga! i've seen this happen in parking lots, department stores etc. have they no shame at all? grrrrr!

Timeless Boulevard said...

Just one of the many abhorrent behaviors our culture allows.

Thus, the letter in your previous blogpost says it too.

Sad. And these creatures run the country too.


At least you're writing it here. I've had my own share of observing arrogant stupidity over there too. I have lived in different cities in the Philippines. Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. I lived in Dumaguete for a year. And, may I say, the feudalistic culture still slightly exists there. But then again coming from Mindanao originally, we don't adapt to the Hail-the-Mestizo(just as a figire of speech)-Lord mentality.

And not surprisingly, they do behave when you point out their ignorance flat out. Someone just has to say it.

All the best.