Friday, July 20, 2007

Natalie's Laughter and Junrey's Journey of Faith

Mending Kids International ( is a non-profit charity in Sta. Clarita, CA. It gives indigent Filipino children free medical care through their US Care Program at top Southern CA hospitals such as UCLA MedicalCenter, L.A. Children's Hospital, Cedars Sinai and the Shriners Burn Center.

In the Philippines, even the poorest Filipino patient must pay for all medicines, tests and supplies. Since over 40 million Filipinos get by onless than $2 a day, indigent Filipinos need help from charities like Mending Kids International [MKI].

The PAL [Philippine Airlines] Foundation helps these Filipino children to get there. However, our poor Filipino children need foster families so that they can have the free care in Southern California.

Below are two of these very special children we need you to help us find loving families and good homes for. PLEASE FORWARD TO THOSE WHO MIGHT BE ABLE TO HELP. Thank you.


Little Nathalie Drew Tam Suan of Cebu, just turned one. Congenital heartdisease has made her as tiny as can be (she weighs only 16 lbs.) but she's as bright and bubbly as they come. She loves watching Dora the Explorer with her older brother David. How she giggles and wiggles whenever she hears the theme song! Because of her heart disease, Nathalie cannot walk yet but she would love to be up and about and exploring too, just like her favorite Dora. Her young parents are poor. Her father got laid off and her mother is a school teacher earning US$150 a month. They live in a flimsy one room house. Nathalie needs a foster family for about two months so that she can have free heart surgery from MENDING KIDS INTERNATIONAL.

Please email the undersigned or if you would like to help them take care of little Nathalie.


The Tapao Family with Junrey at the center, outside their humble home in Zamboanga City. 16 year old Junrey Tapao is an only child and the center of his parents' lives. He was born with congenital heart disease but his family cannot afford the cost of surgery to correct his ventricular septal defect (VSD). They can barely manage to keep him on his maintenance medications. His father Diomedes is a driver earning PhP6,000 (US$120) a month. Like a good Filipino son, he also supports his parents. The Tapao Family lives in one tiny room of a ramshackle house shared with other members of a poor but loving extended family. Junrey's mother Matilde never finished high school and since Junrey is so sickly, she has to stay home and take care of him. Now in his teens, Junrey is frail and slightly built, weighing just 95 lbs. Although he has never been able to play sports like other boys, his parents are proud that Junrey is an altar boy at their parish church. As his parents are getting on in years, Junrey desperately prays that he may also be able to take care of them some day.

MENDING KIDS INTERNATIONAL has promised to help Junrey to have open heart surgery to correct his ventricular septal defect (VSD) but he needs afoster family who will take care of him for at least six weeks. Please contact the undersigned or if you can help Junrey grow into manhood. You may also contact the undersigned if you have any questions:

Ma. Carmen "Menchu" Aquino Sarmiento;
Executive Director
Philippine Airlines (PAL) Foundation
Gate 1, PAL Maintenance Base Complex
Andrews Avenue, Nichols, Pasay City 1309
Phone: (632) 851-2980; (632)
855-8000 extension 2563 Fax: (632) 852-6096

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