Friday, January 15, 2010

Three Beloved Angels

Three beloved angels
Gone too soon,
To you I had to say goodbye
Before I could even say hi,
Mama’s heart fills with sorrow
Your sweet love I'll never know.

All my life I’ll wonder
How each of you would have been ...
Are you like your papa?
Loving and tender,
He makes my heart sing.
Or maybe like your Ate?
Love of my life,
Happiness she bring.

The sound of your pealing laughter
I will never hear.
The warm sweetness of your kiss
I'll forever miss.

I take comfort knowing
In heaven you’re in God’s holy grace
I will smile at you thinking
In Mama Mary’s sweet embrace.

I love you.
I love you.
I love you.
My sweet angels I’ll always do.
And when Mama’s time on earth is over,
In heaven’s gate I know you’ll wait.

Then at last I'll see you my babies!
And hold you ...
I will never let go.

May 9, 2006
May 4, 2008
January 19, 2010

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