Saturday, February 24, 2007

Abby turned 7!!!

Abby had a simple birthday celebration with all the children in Southdale Integrated School. I just prepared a birthday cake and baked spaghetti, threw in sliced bread, 4 gallons of ice cream and juice, and lo! we had a party!

The children gathered around the table. I would like to believe that they were admiring the cake I made for Abby, ha ha ha! Why not? Look at where their eyes seemed focused on ... I'm tickled pink!

The ice cream was a big success! It became an eat-all-the-ice-cream-you-can-eat day! Teachers, staff, yayas, even the security guard, joined in the fun!

Cody, Dom, Jeina, Abby, Micole and Carla with Jollibee and Hetty

We originally planned two parties: one party in Southdale with Abby's schoolmates and another one with family and friends and selected close buddies from school.

But as Abby began warming up to the idea, the list of friends she wanted in her party kept growing longer. I tried to limit the number of guests not only for obvious reasons, but also because the venue might no longer be able to accomodate a bigger crowd. But my brat exclaimed, "But Ma, it's my birthday...!" Who could argue with that logic? I gave up and told her ok - invite everyone you'd like to be in your party.

Behold the leaping Abby! I love this picture. It speaks millions of the fun and enjoyment she was having! Oh, to be a child again ...

I consider the gift of childhood among the most important we could give to our children. It can only be had once in their lifetime ... there is no getting it back. We owe it to them to let them enjoy it as much, and for as long, as they can!

There was pandemonium everywhere!

The Moms and Dads looked like they had fun too!

Who could wrap the mummy the fastest? The girls won this round. Abby took over hosting duties when she grabbed the mic from the Jollibee host.

Cousins Micole and Kelly with Tita Camille

One of the most fun events in any party ... scrambling over the goodies from the piƱata!

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pau said...

the cake is gorgeous!

i was smiling when i saw the picture of the kids eating their ice cream and the one at the back held out a peace sign.... :-)