Sunday, February 18, 2007

Happy (almost) 7th Mother's Day to Me!

Around this time exactly 7 years ago, I was in my OB-Gyne's examination table, legs spread wide like a dissected frog, and having my insides poked and probed for what felt like an eternity ... while my husband stood anxiously by my side, holding my hand, and probably trying hard not to think of a beached whale or something, or worst, A LECHON! - while eyeing his wife in that definitely-not-very-enticing position.

Oh gosh! I can't help but laugh at that image of myself in my mind. I looked horrible, but I loved every inch of me at that time! If you ask me, I was in my most beautiful self during my pregnancy - bulging tummy, pimples, dark neck and even darker armpits, swollen feet and ankles, and the best! Quadruple chins! ha ha ha!!! (I'm seriously thinking of Star War's Jabba the Hun right now.)

Forgive me for being so happy here, but I simply am very happy right now. Tomorrow, my beloved brat will celebrate her 7th birthday! The baking pans have been prepared, waiting for me in the kitchen. After posting this, I will make her a three-tiered cake with a princess on top! She's going to go ga-ga over it!

Going back to the examination table, my doc announced that I was already 2-3 cm dilated and should have myself admitted already. Later that day, Nonoy and I moved to SUMC with our bags and all our joy, anticipation and hopes for a complete and happy family just hours away with the coming of our screaming bundle of poo and pee.

I did not give birth until the following day, around 7pm of February 19. I caught a glimpse of a glistening, tomato-faced figure that seemed to stiffen as it wailed like a banshee and my first thought was: OH MY, WHAT BIG EYES SHE'S GOT!!! .... but wait! "she"? we have a girl? but the ultrasound showed us a boy!!??

And that folks, was how Abby got her nickname!

"Abi" in the Visayan dialect, roughly translates to "we thought" or more accurately, it connotes a thought based on a mistaken belief over something, like ... "but we thought you were coming tomorrow instead of today ... !"

We kept talking to our baby girl, then constantly surrounded by blue (blue blankets, blue pillows, blue booties, that blue thingy we used to cover her hands with - cant remember the name right now - etc., etc., ) during her entire infancy, ha ha ha! (that may account for her being such a tomboy now) ...

... and told her "abi namo boy, girl diay!" - in English, it went like this: "we thought you were a boy, and you were a girl the whole time!!!" Abi stuck. We just revised the spelling - and that's how Noelle Marie became Abby.

Advance happy 7th birthday to my Langga!


RTS said...

I was with Cathy when JP was born.When my sister arrived at the maternity ward she thought the baby had already been born. When I told her that she had gotten there in time for the delivery,she turned pale and ran out of the delivery room.Ha Ha.

Olga said...

I soooo envy women in the US and elsewhere whose husbands are allowed to stay by their sides during childbirth.

It's a no-no here except when you are some high and mighty local figure ... well, what's new?

Here in Dumaguete, we are at least a hundred years behind as far as the birthing process is concerned. Lamaze has not been introduced here yet. and would you believe, they tie us up hands and foot to the delivery table!!! as if we'd get up and go running amok or something with a baby's head stuck between our legs!!!

Anonymous said...

Advance Happy, Happy 7th Birthday Abby! Wish we could be there in Jollibees tomorrow to celebrate with you. Anyhow, we know you'll have fun and so much more. This is truly a celebration for making your mommy and daddy so proud and happy for 7 years. May you have many more to come.
love always,
Tita Joy, Uncle Toto, and cousins Roseanna, Kris, and Julianna

I'll just write to you again soon. Na-busy mi ug suroy-suroy kay 3 day weekend with President's Day (hahahaha). Sige ayo-ayo lang with Abby's celebration.