Monday, February 19, 2007

Mommy Tosay

That's my friend LB Abby is clinging to. Behind them is another friend, As In. Abby calls LB Mommy Tosay. She has been my friend for almost 15 years, one of the bestest I've ever had.

Mommy Tosay and Pops D2 have been married 10 years but no baby yet. Like me, LB has Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome. Like every childless couple, LB and D2 have been praying and hoping for that elusive bundle of joy. When she missed her period, LB started hoping. I hoped and prayed along and we could hardly wait for Sunday to come - the 14th day of her missed period - to do the pregnancy test. I texted her as soon as I woke up this morning - and got a dissappointing news ... it came out negative.

I felt as crushed as LB and D2 might have been. But then I remembered that it was the same with Abby. The test also came out negative initially. The doctor advised us to wait another week to do the test. Nonoy bought a load of pregnancy test kits and we tested every day for another week before we got a definite positive. I told all these to LB and D2. I hope they were encouraged by this. As I kept telling them, hope is not lost as long as LB's menses would not come.

It is ironic how we seem to be in the opposite sides of the poles nowadays. I am as ecstatic as they are dejected. I almost feel guilty for having so much while they have none of the joys a child in the family could bring!

Oh how I pray that God would finally bless them with a child of their own. I also pray the same for my cousin Joy's friends, Marci and Rob - may the sun that shines in my soul be theirs as well.

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